Resolving the ban in the Dance classroom

Resolving the ban in the Dance classroom My last post was an attempt at an unprejudiced standpoint regarding mobile phone policy bans in schools. However, I am sure you have gathered from my recent post that as a secondary school Dance teacher I have some struggles with the banning of smart phones in my school […]

To ban or not to ban?

Mobile phone bans in both Primary and Secondary Australian schools have become quite the controversial issue this year. Drawing inspiration from educational digital reforms in France, the Victorian Government announced their state-wide ban for 2020 as outlined in the Brisbane Times. But, when considering the digital pathway that technology is leading in young people’s lives, […]

A teacher’s guide to keeping up with the TikTok trend

We know that popular culture is important in the lives of our Young adult students and that we can harness it to engage and connect with them through popular culture pedagogies (Benson & Chik, 2014, pp. 3-5). Additionally, we can utilise popular cultural texts through what authors Benson and Chik (2014, p.2) discuss as resources […]

Canonical lit vs. popular lit

Recently I was reviewing the Queensland Senior English prescribed text list under the new mandated syllabus, and I couldn’t help but notice that there is a lack of popular literature and young adult novels for teachers and students to study. Although the list contains timeless classical works of fiction and prose such as my personal […]